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I have spoken to audiences internationally on macroeconomics, competition policy, sustainable, impact, and ESG investing and

systems thinking and complexity.

Previous appearances

      Keynote: "How Does Values-Aligned Investing Contribute to Inequality, and How Can We Address This Challenge?"


      Day 2 Panel: "Competition and government agendas"

      Link: prepared remarks

  • SheEO Summit — March 2021

      Keynote: "Embodied Economics"

  • MetLife Investment Management, Secular Outlook Conference — October 2020

      Keynote: "The Myth of Capitalism"

  • International Women's Forum — October 2019

       Main stage panel: "Monopoly or Market Improvement?"

  • Goethe Institute, Kultursymposium Weimar — July 2019

       Session presentation: "Disruptive Shocks, Global Platforms and New Monopolies"

  • National Crowdfunding Association of Canada — April 2019

       Keynote: "The Myth of Capitalism and Distributive Economies of the Future"

  • Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent's Club — March 2019

       Luncheon Keynote: "The Myth of Capitalism, Monopolies and the Death of Competition"

Denise Hearn is brilliant at exposing shocking facts in a very understated and crystal clear manner, with indisputable evidence to back them up.

Florence de Changy

President, Foreign Correspondents Club Hong Kong



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