Trying to understand the systemic drivers of inequality, I recently co-authored The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition — named one of the Financial Times’ Best Books of 2018 and endorsed by two Nobel Prize winners. My writing has been featured in publications like the Financial Times, Quartz, The Globe and Mail, and The Washington Post. As a former wannabe musician, I enjoy sharing my innermost passions onstage and have presented to over 50,000 people at venues including: the Oxford Union, Bloomberg, and the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club.  


Previously I was Head of Business Development at Variant Perception - a global macroeconomic research and investment strategy firm that caters to hedge funds and family offices. I've also worked across diverse fields including: education, social finance, macroeconomic research and investment strategy. 


I completed an MBA at the Oxford Saïd Business School (after being rejected from all the schools I applied to the first year), where I co-chaired the Social Impact Oxford Business Network. I have a BA in International Studies from Baylor University. I reside in Seattle, Washington with my husband, and I enjoy hiking, singing, and breaking conversation norms at parties.  Nudibranchs are my favorite sea creature. 

I've been on a journey since age 15 to understand what it means to use resources for good (I'm still deconstructing my biases around how we define what is 'good' and how power plays a central role in these conversations). I founded Rundle Insights to support projects that advance human and ecological flourishing. We do this via: new economics research, deploying capital, and convening the highly resourced with global social change leaders.

I am co-chair of First Principles — a group of emerging technology leaders who think together about how to deploy impact capital. The first Forum was co-hosted by Bloomberg Beta and Schmidt Futures with programming input from the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

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