Hi and welcome

Thanks for dropping by. You can read my bio here. Below is a more live version of what I care about and am investigating at this juncture.


Here's a list of things I can potentially offer to you, and some needs that I have. Let's connect!

i'm interested in:

  • emergence

  • non-extractive economic models

  • power dynamics and symbiotic relationships (anti-monopoly)

  • liminality — the space between 

  • philosophy and theology

  • moving money to support human and ecological flourishing

  • learning about small things: mycelium, nudibranchs, moss, etc.

  • interconnectedness and complexity science

things i'm learning:

  • how to 'lean out' and listen more — how can all experiences and humans be my teacher?

  • fractal integrity — how do I have congruence between my work at the smallest and largest scale?

  • that work and purpose are emergent — how can I detach from obsession with outcomes and focus more on process that may lead to better, more regenerative outcomes?

current projects

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