Do you think there is anything not attached by its unbreakable cord to everything else?

— Mary Oliver



I'm a curious generalist who has had a non-linear life and career. I'm attracted to working with people who are alive to themselves and the world, and working on issues that matter to humans and the planet.


I most often think about economics, ecology, spirituality, and systems — both large (concentration of capital and power) and small (slime mold, mycelium, the body).

You'll find me writing, advising, catalyzing projects, singing, and learning.

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  • Access to Markets Initiative — ensuring entrepreneurs have access to fair, non-coercive markets to compete. A project of the American Economic Liberties Project (AELP), launching in April 2021.

  • Embodied Economics — reframing economics by centering the five foundational elements of human experience: the body, care, nature, interconnectedness, and power.

  • The Predistribution Initiative Board Chair; PDI is a multi-stakeholder project to improve investment structures and practices to share more economics and influence with workers and communities, have stronger deal team incentives for ESG integration, and that ultimately address systemic risks like inequality and climate change.

  • Thought-partner to SheEO —SheEO invests in women-identifying entrepreneurs working on The World's To-Do List (UN Sustainable Development Goals) in five countries globally using a democratized voting process, non-extractive capital, and radical generosity. 

  • Anti-monopoly & Stakeholder Capitalism — forthcoming policy paper for AELP foregrounding anti-monopoly approaches as central to achieving true stakeholder capitalism.

  • First Principles Forum — helped launch a gathering for newly wealthy Bay Area technology company founders (and early employees) interested in philanthropy and impact investing. Now housed at Stanford's Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.


  • Tiedemann Advisors Theory of Change — together with Tracy Gray and Sandhya Nakhasi, helped craft a racial equity investing theory of change for Tiedemann, a multi-billion dollar asset advisory firm.


  • SheEO's Values and Practices and Theory of Change — authored both organizational frameworks.






  • My writing has appeared in Quartz, Business Insider, Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail, Responsible Investor, and others.



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