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the time is now

Trying to make sense of a world in completely unprecedented territory? Unsure of what a future beyond COVID-19 will hold for you? This moment is filled with immense devastation, but also new opportunity for us to co-create a future we want — together.


Even prior to this, capitalism and our economic systems were undergoing a moral reckoning. A growing chorus of voices recognize the need for new corporate and market-exchange models. Globally, economic growth rates are declining, inequality is increasing, and populism is on the rise. It is clear that our current top-down, monopolistic approach, both corporately and politically, is failing to deliver the future we want.

COVID-19 has laid bare our need for structural change. This moment poses a significant window of opportunity to turn the conversation away from perpetual, winner-take-all growth to perpetual value creation based on distributed power and democratized decision-making.
Now is the time for new models. It is time to reclaim systems for the benefit of the many, not the few. This salon aims to help us do just that.

about this learning salon

  • This is a learning salon (not a course) because it is interactive and participatory. We expect you will respectfully bring your questions, expertise, and dreams for the future.

  • Themes we will cover: systems thinking, new economics, distributed ownership models, competition vs. cooperation, rethinking: money, markets, and measurement, and more.

  • The salon will last for 90 minutes. (Additional salons will be available for those interested in going deeper.)


Inspired by the Gift Economy* this course is offered on a "pay what you like" basis. If you receive value from our time together, you can express gratitude with a monetary gift in an amount that makes sense for you.

More details upon registration.


More dates and times coming soon.


*The Gift Economy — Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics